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Drew Barrymore got imaginative with applying her cosmetics

drewbarrymore#commuterbeauty for all us girls on the go

As any woman knows, there’s just not always time to get everything done in the morning. And as Drew Barrymore demonstrates, now and again you simply need to utilize what you got the chance to prepare for the day.

Like, when you’re in the tram and need to apply some very late cosmetics yet frantically require some mirror to get it on straight?  Necessity is the mother of invention!

Barrymore posted this charming, without any preparation pic on Instagram Friday indicating exactly how to overcome she is: we don’t know we’d get that near our eyes with a mascara wand on a moving train!

On the other hand, as the “Santa Clarita Diet” star’s rushed inscription appears seems to indicate, maybe she was in-between stops.

In any case, we love the gal on the look plus her hat, and the photo itself appears like a still out of a 1970s classic Gotham film.

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