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Five things to reduce the forehead lines


These are common indications of aging. But if they appear in a young or middle age, then, you can try a few steps to lessen its effect everywhere.


  1. Drink plenty of water

Upon dehydrating, your skin is also influenced. Dehydration causes dryness of the skin. Try so much to drink plenty of water.


  1. Primary Cosmetics

Putting resources in a basic framework right can make reflections for their barely discernible differences. Cover your almost insignificant differences and protect the cosmetics against the wrinkles of the forehead lines.


  1. Wear bangs

To cover your wrinkles or temple lines, wear beats on the forehead. At this point, make an ideal side part on your alternate. Try not to make a central part because this will no longer pay attention to your forehead.


  1. Use facial tape

Apply a facial ribbon or surgical tape on the forehead or between the eyes at night. These scratches keep the skin in its wrinkle free position and prepare the muscles of your skin to stop hanging you up.


  1. Use sealing creams

Use a cream containing retinol or peptides. Retinoids strengthen the collagen that fills wrinkles and improves the skin. Apply them to day and night.

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