Your Hair Can Play An Important Role During Sex


Sweeping your locks into a pre-nookie knot is standard protocol (as many woman-on-top fans can attest). But as it turns out, ignoring your tresses during sex might mean missing out on some serious foreplay opportunities.

Here are five ways letting your hair down can amp up a quality romp.

Whip it good

Since post-shower quickies are such a timesaver (what, you’ve never air-dried while you bone?), bust a move straight out of an 80s music video: While you’re enjoying some reverse cowgirl action, flip your wet hair back and let the excess water keep you both cool as things heat up, recommends Florida-based psychologist and certified sex therapist Melissa Fogel.

Take his junk hostage

Wrap your hair around the base of his penis while giving him oral,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Neuroloveology. “This can be as effective as a cock ring to help keep him erect.” You can also wrap your hair around his testicles and gently pull them down, letting go only when you want him to climax.

Use as haircuffs

If you’ve got long enough locks (or some sturdy extensions), have your partner tie your hands over your head with your own hair, says board-certified clinical sexologist Debra Laino. Isn’t it about time you took the night off from making decisions?

Adopt a no-touch policy

Turn foreplay into a game where you can touch each other with any body part except your hands. Drag your hair over your S.O.’s naked body as part of an erotic massage, says Cadell.

Grab on

Give his hair a gentle tug as you’re kissing his neck—or when he’s doing something you’re digging. You can also lightly tug at his body hair as you’re kissing or licking his body, says Fogel. The keyword here is lightly: Pull just enough to stimulate him, not hard enough to make him feel like he’s getting waxed.


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