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Make this one tweak to prevent damage to your purty locks


You’ve felt comfortable around a hair curling accessory since your secondary school prom—and have the wiener twist photographs to appear for it. In any case, giving your method an overhaul could spare your hair from an entire lotta harm.

It couldn’t be any more obvious, with a customary hair curling accessory, your characteristic nature is to get an area of hair, brace the end, move it up until you close to your roots, and after that hold it for a few beats. This works, however there’s one issue—your effectively harmed finishes are bearing a greater amount of the harming heat than some other segment of your strands.

“Its important to understand that the hair nearer to the root can take a little more heat than the ends, which have seen more UV damage, blow-dry damage, and of course color damage,” says Joel Calfee, lead styling artist for Bio Ionic.

To keep your hair as sound as could reasonably be expected, attempt this technique—which, BTW, additionally avoids bizarre pleating at the base:

Brace the iron on the hair at mid-shaft, as opposed to the finishes (attempt the Bio Ionic Curl Expert Pro, $130, At that point, marginally open the tong of the hair curler, and slide it withdraw, proceeding with this succession until you’ve moved up the whole segment of hair. You can forget the closures for a cool-young lady easygoing impact, or you can twist the tips, as well, knowing they’ll hit the iron last in the event that you do as such.

You’ll be a star in a matter of seconds and your locks will look more advantageous than at any other time!

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