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A Weird Trick For a Perfect Eyeliner


Eyeliner is hands down one of the toughest beauty skills to learn. In spite of our best hard work and unusual attempts things in some way still end up unsteady or uneven. So when we heard about this weird technique that makeup artists use to apply their own liner, we had to give it a go. And guess what? It works better than anything else we’ve ever tried.

What you need: Your favorite eyeliner and a compact mirror.

What you do: position the mirror on top of a stable surface that’s lower than you (like a desk) and look down to see where you want to draw your line. This will give you a tighter line and make sure that there aren’t any betraying gaps. Now here’s the trick: Clench your toes and swipe on liner as you normally would.

Why it works: Perhaps it’s in our minds, but there’s something about clenching our toes that steadies the rest of us, namely our hands. Some things can’t be explained, but the results–sleek, neat and even lines on both sides–speak for themselves.


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