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Taylor Swift has had her ‘knight in shining armor’ to lean on during her crisis


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Everyone needs knight in shining armour! Taylor Swift, 26, has been giddy in love with Tom

Hiddleston, 35, as the pair have gallivanted around the U.S., and most recently to the UK.

AndTaylor’s really needed the distraction, as Kanye West dropped his “Famous” video which

featured. She was fraught with worry, but as our source can reveal she’s happy Tom’s been there for


As we told you, Taylor is unhappy with Kanye’s “Famous” video that shows a replica figure of her

naked lying in bed with a host of other celebrities. But, it’s lucky for the “Blank Space” singer that

she’s been with gentleman Tom when things all came to a head!

“Taylor was concerned about Kanye’s video the past week, but he’s really kept her mind off of it and

had her focus on happy things,” a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s been her knight in shining

armor lifting her spirits.”

How sweet of Tom! Not only is he so handsome, he’s also incredibly dashing too. It’s totally in

character for the possible future James Bond to react in such a way. Don’t forget, the first time we

saw these two in photos Tom was thoughtfully draping his coat over her shoulders as they sat by the

ocean outside her Rhode Island home.

How lucky for Taylor that Tom is around and keeping her mind off things. It’ll soon pass, of course,

and everything will eventually settle down!

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