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With This 1 Easy Hack You Can Create Chic Quilted Nails


Now a day the textured manicures have risen in popularity, so say thanks to sweater nail art. Add quilted and surprisingly smooth nails art to your new list of DIY designs and you need to try it.You can try this one at your home.The nail design is very simple and easy to make. The creative designs will help to make you stylish Keep reading to see that how can you make this design  step be step.

Step 1- It’s a lot simpler and easy to make than it looks. All you need is the lacquer paint of your choice, rhinestones or gold glitter, and a floss pick.

Step 2- Polish your nails as usual, but make sure don’t let your nails dry thoroughly — it’s important that the paint is fairly gluey as a result you can attain an accurate design.

Step 3- Before the polish thickens, and then you need to use floss pick to print diagonal lines and to create the quilted diamond design.

Step 4- Use Gold appliques for adding some glitz to your nails, or if you think that yourself more of a simple, just finish with a matte topcoat.

The stylish design is not only a simple upgrade to any basic color but is also an easy way to practice your DIY skills with this tools when you have at home. And more, you might even match one of your favorite designer handbags!

Watch below to see easy DIY ideas — we can guarantee that you will be quilting every manicure from here.

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