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You’ll Desire To Rock This Ombré Design Rainbow Nails Art All Summer Long


After a swift look at this color rainbow-meets-ombré nail art, you’d maybe dismiss it as being too hard. That’s not your fault, but once you watch the full video, you’ll see that it’s genuinely pretty simple. It’s just reliant on one product you possibly already own and a mixture of different nail polish colors.

In the lesson, the YouTube vlogger behind the cute polish demonstrates the designs, which require some makeup sponges, tape, and lacquer in all seven color of the rainbow. After painting all nails a plain neutral shade, she uses the tape to make a triangular pattern on the surface of each talon. Then she applies the polishes in an ROYGBIV-ordered stripe across the makeup sponge and stamps it onto the nails. When the lacquer has dried, she removes the tape and applies a layer of topcoat, showing off a vivid manicure you’ll desire to rock all Summer long.

Watch this video and learn this nail art:

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