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Your lipstick does more than enhance your pout

lip -stick

According to new research presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, Western Illinois University scientists have developed a new method for lifting and analyzing lipstick samples from surfaces at crime scenes.

Apparently this is something forensic scientists have been looking into for years. They’ve tried various methods to remove lipstick samples from crime scenes and analyze the chemicals in them, but many methods are tedious, expensive, or just don’t work all that well.

Enter the researchers at Western Illinois University, who decided they needed to come up with a better solution—a two-step process. First, an organic solvent is applied to the lipstick stain to remove most of the oils and waxes, and then another solvent is added to extract the remaining residue. The sample is then injected into a machine that displays the results on a computer.

And here’s the best part: They’re now able to tell which brand of lipstickwas at the crime scene. Once law enforcement officials have that information, they can investigate whether a suspect or victim uses that type of lipstick, which will help pinpoint what really went down.

Fascinating. Also, if you’re planning on committing a crime anytime soon, maybe now is a good time to start using a different brand of lipstick.


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