All Gigi Hadid’s Fans Should Know These 20 Interesting Facts About Her

Gigi Hadid
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In very young age of 21, Gigi Hadid is already a very famed supermodel who has appeared on cover pages of many magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, and Vogue, Elle Canada. That’s not all she has also walked for various designers during the New York Fashion Week, appeared in Sports Illustrated, and she is frequently pictured in the tabloids and is an enormous topic of interest for the Internet entertainment sites.

If you want to know all the hidden or less knowing things about Gigi Hadid then you are in the right place here we are going to share 20 things you didn’t know about Gigi Hadid.

Her Real Name Is Jelena Noura Hadid:

Born on April 23, 1995, in Las Angeles, CA, Gigi’s given name is Jelena Noura Hadid. Although Gigi’s mom had called her Gigi from a young age, she went by Jelena at school until the first or second grade when she had a classmate named Helena. Apparently, the girls had a hard time determining which one the teacher was talking to when she called out their names. Her teacher asked her mom about a possible nickname, and she recommended Gigi because that is what she called her at home. (By the way, Gigi’s mom was often called Gigi by her own mom when she was growing up.)

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