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Ariana Grande broke up with her boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, after one year of dating


“[Ricky Alvarez] was a part of the old Ariana [Grande]. She has done a full overhaul on friends, relationships and how she treats people. It’s like she has seen a light and doesn’t want to be the headache she once was — she likes the new start of everything,” a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.
Poor Ricky. It sounds like he was just collateral damage in the process of Ariana wiping her slate clean
Before PEOPLE learned about the split, through sources close to the couple, Ariana hinted that something was going on in a series of tweets about being “Free,” which in typical celebrity fashion, she later deleted.
The “Into You” singer first tweeted, “Change. feelin free. happy. Banginnnnnnn,” before quickly deleting that message. Then, she wrote, “but yeah bangs,” and added “(not just talking bangs),” hinting that she was referring to something more personal. And it seems like she definitely was talking about a breakup with Ricky.
Ariana’s on a whole new path in her life, and sadly, Ricky just doesn’t have a place in her heart anymore.
During their year of dating, Ariana and Ricky rarely talked about their relationship publicly, but in a Billboard interview, Ariana briefly said, “We’re happy. I’m a very happy girl. I have a healthy life right now, and I think that’s all anyone cares to know. The end.”

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