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Bachelor in Paradise Cleared of Sexual Assault Allegations


The investigation into the alleged sexual assault on “Bachelor in Paradise” is over … what’s more, the conclusion – no rape, and the show will go on.

The show was put on ice after a producer claimed Corinne Olympios was so intoxicated she was not fit for consenting to oral sex in a swimming pool with DeMario Jackson.

Warner Bros. put the show on hold amid the investigation. As we announced, numerous individuals who saw the video claim Corinne was “fully engaged” and lucid throughout the sexual encounter.

We’re told the investigation is now complete and the finding was there was no sexual assault.

We’ve revealed to DeMario’s legal counselor met with Warner Bros. legal advisors Monday, evaluated the tapes and assured him he was in the clear. Our sources say taping will continue in a similar area in Mexico. The show will air this summer.


Concerning the swimming pool episode, Warner Bros. says it won’t be released.


Concerning Corinne and DeMario … we’re told no decisions have been made on whether they’ll be on the show.

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