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Duchess of Cambridge already expecting a third baby


Kate Middleton, 34, debuted what could be considered a tiny baby bump on July 1 — and already the rumors have begun! Even wilder, according to a new report, the Duchess is already a whopping four months along and is expecting a Christmas baby — how exciting! And if the rumors ARE true, this will be her and Prince William‘s, 34, third royal baby. “It’s official! [Kate] is due on Christmas,” an insider revealed to the mag. “Kate and William are overjoyed.” Wow, we bet they are — after all, the happy couple have been very vocal about wanting a large family. But less than one year after Princess Charlotte‘s first birthday, which took place in May? Now THAT’S fast! But hey, at least the Queen is reportedly over the moon!

And while the couple allegedly shared the news with their parents earlier in the pregnancy, with Kate excitedly announcing, “I’m pregnant!” It was Queen Elizabeth who could hardly contain her excitement when the couple recently told her the news. “When they told her, she said it was a fabulous present for her 90th birthday this year,” the insider gushed (her special day was April 21).

“The queen has four children, and Kate and William have agreed they want at least four as well. They don’t mind whether number three is a boy or a girl. They already have one of each so they just want their next child to be healthy.” Something else they want? Their kids to be BFFs, which is why they’re apparently so set on having their children close together.

“They want their kids to be very close to each other in age so they can grow up as a close-knit family,” the source dished. “[William] hopes the brothers and sisters can all help each other out as they become full-time working members of the royal family.” And thinking even further down the line, the royal couple reportedly thinks it’s very important for their children to have a strong relationship especially when Prince George, 2, becomes king one day.

“It is very important to William and Kate that, when George becomes king someday, he has the support of his siblings,” the sourced added. “They don’t want him to be isolated.” Good thinking, huh? And while Kate has not gained any weight in the past few months, the mag was careful to point out that she stayed super thin during her past pregnancies too. Hmm, so who knows — only time will tell if a new royal is on the way!

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