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Instagram commenters have been slamming Victoria Beckham, ever since she posted a picture of herself kissing daughter


Haters gonna hate. And this week, they’ve found a new target in Victoria Beckham. The mom of four has been getting slammed on Instagram, ever since she posted a picture of herself kissing 5-year-old daughter, Harper, on July 10. No — we’re not joking. People are seriously blasting her. It’s absurd.

“Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they are making out,” one Instagram commenter wrote, while another said, “This looks wrong.”

Some even criticized the most minor detail. “Why tilt your head like that. Why expose yourself to the critics when you know this picture might just cause problems,” someone said.

Thankfully, a bunch of fans came to Victoria’s defense because, like us, they couldn’t believe the hate the Spice Girls singer was receiving for such an innocent picture.

“The fact that so many people sexualize a photo of a mother with her child is so disgusting. This is a beautiful photo and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Love this photo shows true love for Harper. I for one kiss my kids on lips and always will do there is nothing wrong with it at all x.”

“The fact that Victoria Beckham is getting backlash for kissing her daughter on the lips is so worrying. What is wrong with people?” one Twitter user wrote, and another said, “People having an issue with @victoriabeckham kissing her daughter Harper really are the ones with serious problems…#KeepKissing.”

People even started posting pictures of themselves kissing their kids, using #VictoriaBeckham.



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