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Kanye West Tries to Make Up with Taylor Swift in Public Way After VMAs?


Is Kanye West calling a truce with Taylor Swift unequivocally?! After calling her out in his VMAs rage, the rapper presented a shocking photograph on Twitter, indicating that he needs to ‘unite’ with his on/off enemy. Look at it here!

Kanye West, 39, took to Twitter on Aug. 29 to upload a photograph of somebody wearing an exceptionally fascinating sweatshirt: It demonstrated a portion of one of his collection conceals matched with half of Taylor Swift’s 1989 collection spread. He inscribed the pic with the basic message, “Unity love.”

It’s unclear precisely what message ‘Ye is attempting to make with this picture. However, it appears as though he’s trying to get the point over that he regards Tay’s specialty similarly he regards his own.

This move comes after the rapper remained by his contention that he called Taylor to caution her before he discharged the disputable “I made that b**** famous” lyric in his hit melody “Popular” amid his seven-moment VMAs discourse on Aug. 28. As Kim Kardashian’s Snapchats indicated us, Yeezy gave the 26-year-old a call before dropping the melody, however, despite everything she annoyed with him since she guarantees she was never informed that he would call her a “b****” on the track.

Taylor has stayed silent all through the VMAs and the show’s result. Rather than going to, she flew back to Nashville where she served jury obligation on Aug. 29! Shaking an easy, cosmetics free look, the vocalist brought selfies with different members of the board and demonstrated she’s truly simply like one of us.

Apparently, Taylor has excused Kanye when they’ve quarreled previously, so ideally these two will work it out once more!

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