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Kim Kardashian’s Stolen Ring Similar Diamond Surfaces


Kim Kardashian West’s stolen $4 mil jewel may not be as uncommon as once thought – a VERY comparative stone surfaced in Italy, and it brings up issues about what happened to Kim’s bling.

After the robbery in France, one of the suspects told authorities the stone was likely slashed up because it is less demanding to move little jewels than one big one.

But search what’s available to be purchased in Italy … a 22-carat pad cut precious stone ring that seems to be indistinguishable to Kim’s piece.

We’re not saying it’s Kim’s ring – she said hers was just 20 karats – however, the fact of the matter is, possibly Kim’s diamond isn’t the unique piece everybody thought it was.

What’s more, the enormous carbon look-alikes on the market, the simpler it would be for Kim’s precious stone to lose all sense of direction in the rearrange IF somebody attempted to fence it.

Calls to the Pink Panther haven’t been returned.

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