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Lindsay Lohan seems to be confused about how Anton Yelchin died


Lindsay Lohan, 29, might want to read an entire article before jumping to conclusions — especially

when it comes to the death of 27-year- old actor, Anton Yelchin. Unfortunately, the actress is

blaming Hollywood for the freak accident that took place in the actor’s driveway on Sunday, June 19.

As Hollywood mourns the loss of a bright young talent taken from us far too soon, Lindsay Lohan

joined in on the many tributes being shared on social media. Sadly, Lindsay seems to be very

confused about how Anton actually died, because she immediately blamed Hollywood in her tribute.

“This is the result of #hollywood a beautiful life has come to an end.. A brilliant actor and a loving

friend. Surround your life with good people and know who your #true #friends are my prayers and

love goes out to anton’s family,” Lindsay captioned a screen grab of the news alert that Anton had

died. At the end she added that Anton was her friend, and that she was “so sorry” for his father. It

was very kind of her to post that tribute to the late actor, but why is she blaming Hollywood?

For those of you that aren’t aware, Anton’s death was caused by a bizarre accident in his driveway.

The actor had cleared the security gate outside of his home, and for an unknown reason he got out

of his Jeep and left it in neutral. As pictures of the scene reveal, Anton’s driveway was on a steep

incline and his Jeep rolled backwards on his own leaving him pinned between his own car and a

brick column. The friends he was supposed to meet up with were the ones who found him in his

driveway after they stopped by to check on him when he didn’t show up.

Someone commented Lindsay’s photo to clarify what happened by writing, “He died because of a

car accident. Car accidents can mean any thing having to do with a car. It’s horrible this young man

died from a terrible accident. But don’t put the blame on something it has nothing to do with if

anything being in the spotlight gave him the opportunity to have a good life.”

Unfortunately, Lindsay did not want to hear the follower’s explanation and replied with, “really

because I lived that.” It’s unclear if Lindsay is referring to the 2005 car crash she was involved in with

paparazzi, or Hollywood in general, but either way we’re sure that this is just an innocent mistake on

her part.

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