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Mandy Moore Named Celeb Ambassador for Garnier


In fact, Mandy Moore has never left our hearts since the day she retired from Shane West. Garnier must feel the same because the brand of excellence only included the star of This Is Us to his celebrity envoys.


The 33-year-old artist who originally exploded on stage like a pop star, then with his works on Saved! Also, The Princess Diaries, will join all the looks of Tina Fey and Sarah Jessica Parker advancing “the hair with a rope, better blinded.”


“For me, it is reliable that it is essential that, regardless of how my appearance changes, I need the authentic self to take root,” Mandy Moore said in an announcement. As for the new crusade of the new box, Mandy included: “I want to change my hair in light of the fact that in this present reality, where many things are out of my control, it influences me to feel but it is deeper than the blonde or brunette, is linked to the idea of ​​how to influence my exterior to reflect my inner parts, and requires a little soul searching.I’m excited, even a little anxious, to lower this energetic form, if it fails, with Garnier “.


The statement does not come as an awesome state that Mandy is at the highest point of her fun is to say it mildly. Aside from the Emmy 2017, the star of the night spoke at the Creation and Cultivation meeting, which plans to hire ladies in their trades and lives.


“However, now, leaving a slower point in my life and career … I must say there was a strange feeling of happiness,” he said. “To be 33 years old and to be at the point of my life that I am and to perceive how lucky I have been in the last year with work and my career … I strive to be available and to welcome the” opportunity .”

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