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Meg Ryan hasn’t been doing so well after changing her looks yet again


Meg Ryan, 54, is looking shockingly thin these days, not to mention her face is completely unrecognizable after yet another bout of plastic surgery. The When Harry Met Sally star is making her friends extremely worried for both her mental and physical health — read on to see why Meg is heading down a path towards a dangerous health crisis.

Meg Ryan is struggling to stay afloat amidst a series of health problems, Star magazine reports in its July 25 issue. “Meg has been in a downward spiral. Lately, she’s been in a lot of pain, and there’ve been some tearful nights. She’s also compounding her health problems by barely eating or sleeping,” an insider tells the mag.

“People close to Meg have been talking for a while now about how frail and fragile she looks. She’s lost even more weight and looks scarily thin and weak,” the source tells the magazine.

The source adds that friends are starting to take notice of her mental health, too. “Meg seems to be very depressed, like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, which has clearly taken a toll on her physically,” the insider says. “People are seriously worried about her overall health.” So sad.

Meg seems to be addicted to plastic surgery. Her most recent face makeover took place in June, leaving fans shocked at her unrecognizable appearance at the Shanghai Film Festival — it seems like there may be a connection between her plastic surgery and poor self-esteem.


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