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Selena Gomez Feels Like She Has No Friends


In fact, even Selena Gomez is left desolate. Undoubtedly, she is the followed person in Instagram with more than 100 million members and has a group of friends that most of us would dream of, but she finds feelings of separation similar to that of many others, individuals.


In a new interview with Business of Fashion, Gómez opened his psychological well-being: a subject that has already been examined. Having reached a limit a year ago – and thus requiring some investment to face the darkness and tension activated by Lupus – has begun the essential steps, however, “sorry” to get sound again.


I asked the instructors, the mentors, the administrators, the individuals that I considered [for] how they made their lives. I asked them, “How did you get there? How were you when you were 25 years old? What were you thinking? And from this point, be with similar people. You are the one who surrounds you – 100%, “Gomez said of his self-taught journey.


“In case you’re around people who assume these things are moron, they think it’s weird” You’re crazy! You are well! “- However, you do not feel like that, at this time, it is perhaps a great opportunity to re-examine it,” he continued. “It’s a desperate outing to have a sense of where a lot of things come from, and by the way, limit it, I’ve had to lose a lot of people throughout my life to get there.”


In fact, even now, it means being careful with the general population with which Gomez surrounds himself.


“You have to give meaning to the people  in your circle.” I want to know everyone, but I do not have companions, “he said. I have three great companions to whom I can advise all except that I know everyone … It is extraordinary to be associated with individuals, however, having limits is so essential. You must have the few people who consider you, you have the best for you and you need the best for them, it sounds difficult, but it is difficult.


There you have it: Salt is still not interested in false scholarships, and this seems to be much better for it.

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