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Taylor Swift Wore a Choker in Concert


Taylor Swift’s fans are so frantic for new music from the singer, and some sharp-peered toward Swifties believe she’s giving us another sign she’s going to drop something. Continue reading how the singer wearing a simple dark choker in the show could be the sign they’ve been sitting tight for. Nothing moves beyond Taylor Swift’s super fans! This time they’re persuaded that since she wore a black choker at her Formula-1 Grand Prix show on Oct. 22, that it is a secret sign from the singer that she’s going to debut some much anticipated new music. According to them whatever point Tay has new collection she switches up her stage look and since she hasn’t worn chokers to perform before, it’s the unfolding of a fresh musical period since she wore a different look.

Obviously, this could have recently been an emotional decision to match her sexy black sleeveless mini dress she wore for the performance and not a “sign” about anything. But there have been such a variety of Taylor new music paranoid notions circumventing the web this is only the most recent of numerous. She is due to put out a new album, as she’s been remarkably consistent throughout her decade-long career by putting out a new record every two years like clockwork, and except 2008’s Fearless, they’ve all dropped in October.

Many fans trusted that Oct. 23 would have been THE day, as it was only one day before the 10-year anniversary of her first album’s release. Additionally, the numbers in the date meant Taylor’s fave number: 1+0+2+3+1+6=THIRTEEN! However, that date went back and forth, and now her fans are searching for any new clues, thus the choker theory.

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