Celebs Who Suffered From Mental Illnesses

Celebs Who Suffered From Mental Illnesses
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We live in a world where every day, we are exposed to tensions, pressures, heart-breaks that results into various mental illnesses. The celebrities we closely follow, too, are not off the hook from such psychological health issues.

10. Elton John

Elton John is known for his soulful music that always manages to lift the spirits. But, the music star had to battle with the vices of substance abuse, as well as bulimia. He underwent drug overdose during in1975. He also indulged in binge eating to disorderly amounts of food, and, in bouts of excessive concern about his weight and negative self-imaging; he adopted various injurious and painful means of purging. Though a little late but he still went to rehab. He is now sober.

9. Kurt Cobain

In the past few years of his life, rock icon Kurt Cobain suffered from drug abuse and depression and he had been also diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, and Bipolar Disorder at a young age. Later, he also made several attempts to commit suicide, and overdosed on drugs and alcohol. He was found dead, about 3 days after he shot himself.

8. Ashley Judd

American actor Ashley Judd had quite a tough time as an abused child, and this led to her struggle with depression, until she finally checked into a mental health treatment centre in Texas. As she herself put it, she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” She was smart enough to look for help and let a correct course of treatment cure her depression, insomnia and co-dependency.

7. Russell Brand

British comedian Russell Brand suffers from ADHD symptoms like inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity, and, as a diagnosed Bipolar, has to struggle with extreme mood swings. As a child he had weight issues, and suffered from Bulimia, which led to depression and eating disorder, which he eventually overcame.

6. Brooke Shields

Motherhood brought her severe depression. This was not just common baby blues. Her depression led her to a point where she didn’t want to live anymore. She had Postpartum Depression (PPD), but she was diagnosed early, and learnt to manage her PPD with professional help and medication.

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