Gigi Hadid Replaced by Nicola Peltz Zayn Malik Ex’s Doppelganger in his New Single Is Gigi Jealous?


Model Gigi Hadid who starred Zayn Malik’s solo debut music video and the rumor has it that both the stars had been seen together since then but recently when the matter came to Zayn’s next musical video of “It You” which is a slow number based on his break up with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, Zayn has gone out of the way and cast Nicola Peltz who is basically a doppelganger of his ex-fiancé. This might end up having bit coldness in their relationship. Gigi although had a conversation with Nicola before the filming the video, so is Gigi warning her to keep a distance from her lover? Find out the whole story down belowZayn has made his fans sad with the news that Gigi Hadid 20 is not starring in his next number as the couple has a great level of chemistry. “It’s you,” is the new single by Zayn Malik where Nicola Peltz 21 Bates Motel actress landed a role for herself   Nicola Peltz, 21. Is there any insecurity Gigi is having regarding the matter?Oh well, the two models thankfully have no bad blood between each other however both of them are really good friends. Nicola also made it public that she is very much excited to work with 23-year-old single Zayn Malik “I loved the whole concept of it [the video], that it was black and white and had old Hollywood vibes. I was excited to meet Zayn. I’ve never met him before, and I’m close with his girlfriend, Gigi,” she told.

However, Gigi seemed to be ill-informed by the situation as she didn’t know Nicola was starring in the video until she told her. “I called her when I got the offer, and she was like, ‘Oh my God.’ She wanted me to do it. I mean, I love her so much and I’m really close with her, but yeah, she was excited for me. She’s the best,” Nicola explained.


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