Justin Bieber Totally Still Has Feelings For Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber, 22, and Selena Gomez, 23, still aren’t over each other. The once-upon-a-time couple are apparently in contact with one another these days because a source told that the Biebs is planning on doing something super sweet for her during her Revival tour opening night in Las Vegas on Friday, May 6.

“Justin is planning on doing something special for Selena’s opening night. It will be a surprise, but will most likely involve something like sending tons of her favorite flowers to her dressing room, and maybe sending something funny like an inside joke between them,” the insider spilled. “He wants her to know that if he’s not there in person, that he is there in spirit.” Aww! Maybe it’s not too late for him to say sorry after all?

Don’t get too excited about all of this, though. We doubt this means Jelena are going to get back together. She’s apparently not into singing a song that’s about him during her show, and ditched him when he wanted to meet up with her after this year’s Met Gala.

At least it does sound like these two former lovebirds are trying to be civil as friends. We give her credit for being so nice to him after all the B.S. he’s put her through, and it’s pretty cool that he still takes the time to look out for her. Our source told us that he would pretty much do anything to attend her first, big show, and that he’s dying inside because he can’t be there for her like she was for him when he played in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. We’re sure his swaggy gift will totally put a smile on her face, though, and help give her the confidence she needs to kick butt on stage.


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