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Wonder Woman Has Officially Grossed More Than Any Other Female-Directed Action Film


Wonder Woman broke records upon its release when its $100.5 million opening weekend made it the best debut for a film directed by a woman in the history of the box office.


That is amazing and everything, except Wonder Woman, is not really through with impacting the world forever and is making a point to profit — dollars, euros, yen, and so on — as it’s currently got a shot at turning into the top-netting film helmed by a female executive ever.


As per The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman has secured the title for the movies champ the extent that no frills movies go: Thanks to the way that it crossed the $600 million check on June 21, Wonder Woman is the top-grossing film shot live and in the substance. If it keeps up its energy, the probability of it unseating Kung Fu Panda 2 as the top-netting film by a female executive, period, is quite strong, as the enlivened spin-off earned $665.7 million after its 2011 release.

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