Blake Lively is wearing Banana Outfit; it is the new trend.

Obesity reaches highest in America

Melania Trump rocks menswear

Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls

Christian Grey Sequel Darker Releasing this November

Trump rolling back order to cover birth control

Balmain looks for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret.

Kim Kardashian showed knees in skintight dress

Trump To Puerto Rico Thanks For Screwing Budget

Love, Sex, Wellness

New study finds dangerous sexual position

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News, Wellness

Free Abortion for Women affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Celebrity News, Entertainment

Mandy Moore Named Celeb Ambassador for Garnier

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Celebrity News, Entertainment

Selena Gomez Feels Like She Has No Friends

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5 Sneakers That Are Comfortable

Top 5 Face Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

Taylor Swift Announces New Album

Lindsey Vonn warns for legal activity on nude pictures

13 Stunning Brunette Hair Colors

Five things to reduce the forehead lines

Bonnie Tyler Will Sing During Solar Eclipse

Zendaya wear custom Versace in ‘Versace on the Floor’

Natalee Holloway Miniseries Initiated Lawsuit

5 Snacks You Can Take On the Go

10 Hot Male Actors Under 30 years old in 2017

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