Season 6 finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ was the best episode of the show


Game of Thrones aired its biggest and most shocking episode yet on June 26. The season 6 finale featured some of the show’s biggest reveals and most shocking twists. The episode wasn’t only the best in show history, it was one of the greatest ever seen on TV. And I’m going to tell you why.
The season 6 finale propelled the show forward more than it ever has before. Everything — all of the storylines and the characters — are moving closer together and will likely collide in season 7.Game of Thrones always goes big, but I didn’t think the show would make a statement like this. The first 30 minutes of the finale completely blew me away. Everything about the first act of the finale was pure perfection. From the acting to the writing to the music, can we just go ahead and give the show all the awards for this episode alone?Who could have predicted the way Margaery, Loras, the High Sparrow and Mace would die in the way that they did? NO ONE. Confession time: I haven’t read the books, but I have read a lot of theories out there on the internet. It takes a lot to shock me, but the moment the Sept went up in flames, I was floored. And then I lost my breath again when Tommen jumped from the balcony in the GIF that will live on forever.Even if Game of Thrones can be annoyingly slow at times, that scene was enough to have me hooked for at least 10 more seasons (if they wanted to make it that long). Watching Cersei slay her enemies and take the Iron Throne was such a chilling moment in the show’s history.

Everyone Got To Leave Their Mark In The Finale

I also really loved how the finale touched on all of our favorite characters. A lot of the time, the show has to just focus on certain storylines in big episodes, but every major character got to leave their mark in the finale.Daenerys finally made her big decision to leave Meereen and head to Westeros. This move has been a long time coming for Dany. It’s hard to believe that Daenerys hasn’t been in Westeros for 95% of the show. I’m excited to see how her strength fares amongst the other major players. Maybe now she’ll finally meet Jon Snow! I’m crossing my fingers!Even Arya got a brief but pivotal moment to shine. She snuck up on Walder Frey and slit his throat, finally getting her revenge for Catelyn and Robb’s death. Walder Frey’s storyline really needed to be wrapped up, and I’m elated that Arya got to end his life.And who would have thought that flawless human Olenna Tyrell would get to stir up trouble in the finale by making an alliance with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Watch out, Cersei. Olenna’s coming for you.

The Big Reveal

But it was the revelation about Jon Snow’s parentage that really made this episode exceptional for me. I would have been seriously pissed if the show had just given us a tiny tidbit of what went down at the Tower of Joy and didn’t capitalize on it until season 7 or 8.Fans finally learned that Jon Snow is Lyanna Stark’s son. Ned Stark never cheated on Catelyn, he had promised his sister he wouldn’t tell anyone about her baby. Everyone who loves Game of Thrones knows about the R+L=J theory, but it’s still such a bold move for the writers to go ahead and basically confirm it. (Yes, I know Rhaegar wasn’t name-dropped as Jon Snow’s dad, but we all know he’s the father.)The scene between Ned and Lyanna was devastating but beautiful. I had tears in my eyes when Ned looked at his dying sister’s child. It just takes my love for Ned Stark to the next level. He was truly the best man. The reveal also gives Jon Snow’s role in the game more added weight. He’s not just a Stark, he’s a true-born Targaryen.It’s been six seasons of Game of Thrones, but the games are just the beginning. The season 6 finale was an excellent tipping point for what’s to come. The episode laid the groundwork for the final stages of this outstanding show. I just can’t say enough good things about this episode. From the beginning to the end, it was FLAWLESS.

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