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An Affordable Kitchen Alteration Filled With DIYs

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It’s not always possible to renovate your kitchen because each thing in this world has a price. And a woman has to review all her household expenses before deciding to make even a little change in her home. But a creative mind can do anything for you that best fit in your budget.

For many house-wives their kitchen is the place where they spend most of their time. That’s why you should pay some extra attention toward your kitchen’s décor. If you are looking for some kitchen décor ideas, you can find some excellent DIY kitchen décor ideas below.

Step 1: Walls:


one of our friends had painted the kitchen a navy blue in keeping with the decorating aphorism that dark colors can really make a room show larger. Not true in this container. Megan recommended that before we even picked out a paint color, we had the walls skim-coated so that the surface would be level and nick-free.


After a skim coat and a layer of Benjamin Moore Blue Ice, the walls were gallery-worthy.

Bonus Solution: Slim Storage:

To make the storage space, Megan brought in a skinny console table with shelving and also added a few whitewashed shelf above it.

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