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Feeling Alone Need Someone by Your Side? Screw All get Your own Cuddling Sofa


Whatever your taste in couches, there’s one undeniable actuality: solace is vital. Furthermore, what could be more agreeable than a couch that wraps its arms around you and draws you into enormous loving squeeze?

It’s the ideal expansion to the home of any solitary occupants — or any individual who supports a snuggle from a lifeless item over that of a genuine individual.

The “Free Hug Sofa” is the development of Seoul originator Eun Kyoung Lee and won the Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Category in a year ago’s A’ Design Award and Competition.

Lee told Design PRWire that the motivation for her Free Hug Sofa originated from watching her sister breastfeeding her child with a breastfeeding pad .She said the “warmth and stable image [sic]” in her mind made her smile, and that her main focus in designing the piece was bringing “happiness and comfort to the lonely, lonely people.”

Not just does the couch have a super comfortable base, it likewise has gigantic arms that can be wrapped around you as you twist up to unwind, read a book or have a rest.

“It will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely,” said Lee.

Furthermore, it’s accessible in a scope of hues to coordinate whatever is left of your home stylistic theme (you might need to re-home your different seats, as they’ll unquestionably feel sub-par).

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