Starbucks has revealed that you may have been overcharged for your drinks


Did your morning latte feel like more of a splurge than usual last week? You weren’t imagining it! Starbucks had to fess up to the brutal truth, that they’re raising their prices in July 2016. For at least the past two years, Starbucks has raised drink prices in July. It’s just that someone messed up and pulled the trigger on that increase button a week too soon, overcharging customers by up to 30 cents without any warning! Find out how to get your money back after the jump!

Surprise, coffee addicts, and hello, angry customers! Starbucks released a statement on July 2 explaining how this snafu occurred, and more importantly, how they’ve righted their wrong:

On July 12, Starbucks is planning a small price increase on select beverages. Unfortunately, that price adjustment was prematurely entered into the point of sale systems in our U.S. company-operated stores. As a result, some customers were charged incorrectly. The maximum any customer could have been overcharged is 30 cents per beverage.

The error has been corrected and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. If a customer believes this mistake impacted the price of their beverage, we encourage them to please contact Starbucks Customer Service at 1-800-782-7282, and we will gladly make this right.

Starbucks hasn’t revealed just how much they’re going to actually start charging customers on July 12, but the 2015 increase hiked drink prices up between 5 and 20 cents, according to Eater. The price of a large coffee went up to $2.45, 10 cents from the 2013 price of $2.35.

Despite the fact that Starbucks keeps introducing delicious new drinks, the company is facing problems left and right! Starbucks was slammed with a lawsuit in June 2016 for allegedly under-filling their drinks; lawyers reportedly determined that baristas were under-filling lattes by 25%, because they were counting foam as part of the total volume. Bummer!


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