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13 Marriages Ended in Blink of an Eye

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With regards to weddings, you may be acquainted with the expression “till death do us part.” But not each couple is removed to make it that far. In the VIP world, we’ve gone over a wide range of relational unions — big names who stole away, big names who wedded youthful, and even the superstar relational unions you completely overlooked. Presently, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the relational unions that couldn’t make it to a year. Continue perusing to see the full range, and then look at the most stunning parts from the previous year.

1.    Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush — 5 Months

Sophia got real to life amid an appearance on Watch What Happens Live: “We were two idiotic children who should not be being seeing someone the primary spot.” Perhaps all the more interestingly, however, Sophia referred to “extortion” as her reason for separation

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