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6 Totally Sexy Reasons Why You Should Date a Funny Guy!!


Speaking of personality, hilarious men are better than hot ones and that not just because they will always keep you in stitches. Here’s why you should prefer a funny guy in a hot guy.

A Funny Guy Is Better in Bed:

A new study found that funny guys are better in bed. It’s because women have more orgasms when women believe their partner to be funny. You will get your plug of Big Os with a childish lover.

He Makes You Feel Good:

Funny guys aren’t as ostentatious as hot guys. That’s why you feel happy in your heart and good in your skin when you are with him. He doesn’t pick at his girlfriend’s body. Funny guys are less about what a woman look like and more about who she is. And that’s just sexy.

He Lightens the Mood:

Relationships can feel like burden. Snags arise, and so do arguments. While dating a man who is funny, he knows very well how to lighten the mood every time.

He Is Social:

Mostly funny people are super social; whereas they are super attractive to all men and women and even for kids. This man can make your family smile and emerge with your friends.

He Is Creative and Witty:

To be a funny person, he has to be creative and witty. The fact that your man is funny means he has all these extra astonishing qualities.

He Has a Desired Personality Trait:

Many people in this world wish they were funny.  And a funny man is just humorous naturally. It truly is a remarkable personality trait


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