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Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans are Breaking Up


We’re grief-stricken over this. YouTube stars Colleen Ballinger, 29 [Miranda Sings], and Joshua Evans, 32 [JoshuaDTV], took to the social media platform that made the “I have always shared everything in my life with you guys, and you’ve been part of my relationship with Josh,” Colleen says as she obviously fights back the tears. “Joshua and I are getting a divorce. He is a wonderful man, and I am so in love with him. We have always had a very rocky relationship, since the beginning.”

We are so stunned and disheartened to hear this, as we truly thought they appeared to be so happy together. The pair has documented their relationship in the course of recent years, starting with their first date the distance to their wedding in the late spring of 2015. Joshua took to YouTube to share his very own video. “This moment in my life is something I thought was never going to happen,” he admits. “Colleen and I are no longer together, and Colleen is divorcing me. There is no picking sides. But I am not choosing this divorce. I want her. But I truly think that she’s making the right decision.”

We can’t envision what Joshua and Colleen are experiencing. While it certainly seems like she has made the decision to separate him, it sounds like there’s no animosity between them, since she said despite everything she loves him. Maybe they will accommodate later on? We simply need what’s best for them.

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