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Dating Service Trying to Set You Up with Your Perfect Match Based on Your Body Odor


This new Dating Service matches you with possibly your soul mate basing on your body odor while matching your scent compatibility. It sure does smell that love is in the air the dating service is named as Smell Dating; the name gives away all the information you want about the service. The motto of the service is to match you up with your Mr. Perfect on the power of your body odor.

The olfactory experts will send you a T-shirt for about $25 which you have to wear for three days and three nights in a row. Not to forget that you better not use any deodorant or any other artificial scent as it will mask your original body smell, and it would be hard to identify your particular odor. The shirt is then sent back to the service through the prepaid envelope, where it is cut into pieces and then sent to the potential match. The same goes with the other person; swatches of your potential match’s T-shirt will be given to you too. Turns out if both of you are into the stenches of your possible mates you can have their contact numbers to move it further.

The idea comes from the fact that when it comes to mating, human beings are motivated by a molecular sixth sense and an inclination for pheromones. It explains that sometimes you can be into someone while you’re chatting with them on Tinder but later you may realize this it is just not clicking, or there might be a lack of chemistry between you two.

The exciting thing about meeting your soul mate through your scent is that Smell Dating doesn’t ask its participants about gender or orientation. According to their FAQ page, you can tell all about your preference and likenesses from smell. “A growing body of research suggests that a person’s genetic compatibility, gender, age, and predisposition to illness are reflected in their ‘smell signature,’” they claim.

The Smell Dating service is currently only limited to NYC residents and initially has a pool of 100 daters.


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