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Ex-fiancée’s friends called out Big brother’s Paulie. C. as “Cheater”


Paulie Calafiore has been bringing on what’s coming to him of dramatization in the house this season. Presently, the truth star is being gotten down on about Twitter for cheating. Two previous Amazing Race candidates and New York Jets team promoters took to Twitter to spill some good tea on Paulie, asserting he was locked into their companion before going into the house and that he supposedly cheated on her.

Krista Kimberly asked her devotees, “Hey everyone @TiffanyChantell and I have some news about Paulie should we share it now??” before posting the accompanying tweet.

The drama didn’t stop there. Kimberly’s friend and The Amazing Race partner Tiffany Chantell additionally had something to say in regards to Calafiore’s claimed cheating past.

The friends affirmed that they know Natalie on the current season Big Brother, as the three women all used to cheer together.

“His EX denied the ring. She is a beautiful cheerleader from JERSEY. Hm, wonder why he’s so scared of Natalie. Bc she knows too much #BB18,” Kimberly tweeted.
“For the record, she did not keep the ring she gave it back to his mom. She didn’t want anything to do with him,” Chantell included.

The friends seemed, by all accounts, to be set off by a tweet from a Big Brother overhaul account asserting Calafiore said, I don’t like Jersey girls.”

Calafiore and his team have yet to react to Kimberly and Chantell’s claims, so these bits of gossip are still unverified.

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