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Study Shows That There Is A Connection Between Sex And Pillow Talk


A series of studies focused solely on demonstrating that there was a connection amongst’s sex and the pillow talk that tends to follow.

Portrait of couple enjoying together while romancing in bed
Portrait of couple enjoying together while romancing in bed

“Results showed that merely thinking about sex, even without being aware of it, encouraged self-disclosure,” one review claims.


The study, which was titled “Sex Unleashes Your Tongue,” found that any scope of sexual jolts — discussing sex, seeing sexual pictures or taking part in sex — all prompt an improved probability of different sorts of intimacy.The advantages of talking some time recently, after and amid sex have regularly been connected to more beneficial connections.


A review distributed in Fertility and Sterility, for example, found that talking about sexual dysfunction could lead to similar improvements as actual medication would.


“Clearly the fact that the women thought more about their sexuality and spoke with their partners about sex during the study in itself brought about measurable improvements,”  contemplate creator Michaela Bayerle-Eder said in a public statement as per Glamor.

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