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Buddy Tag the Coolest Invention for Parents


This cool Dad invented an amazing device particularly a wristband to keep a track of the kids so you can always be right beside them to protect them with your warmth.

The Lowdown

Willie Wu invented this cool Buddy Tag; it all started when he lost his daughter at Six Flags for about an hour of horror.  “His child did everything right—waiting in one place for an employee of the park,” said Wu’s sister at Toy Fair 2016, where the wristband was unveiled. “But it was the worst hour of his life.”

After one of the most horrendous experience of his life, he decided to work on Buddy Tag for parents who want extra care and protection of their child and don’t wish to go through the same experience which Willie Wu went from. This device has maximum benefits for parents as it has out-of-range alert which only notifies you if a child is not within 80-120feet distance. Most importantly it has water safety alert; it gives the child the liberty to push a panic alarm button while in a threatening situation. If your child is lost and is not able to communicate properly to the person who found him/her, then this Buddy Tag has personal ID so that it will be easy for someone to reunite your child with you. It allows you to view your child’s movements and location too.

“It gives them the freedom to play in playgrounds and amusement parks, near your eyesight,” Ms. Wu said. The device originally came out two years ago, and now it cost only $35 it works via Bluetooth quite efficiently. “It was capable before then, but bulky,” said Ms. Wu. “This design is low battery, low power, Bluetooth, and waterproof.” You can also program it to work with all new versions of iPhone and Android phones, iPad and iPod Touch models.


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