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How Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Are Co-Parenting Dream Kardashian After Their Separation


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has formally finished their rough, love relationship. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve finished with each other altogether.

We have taken in the couple is chipping away at gently co-child rearing their 3-month-old little girl, Dream Kardashian.

“They are amicable and get along when it comes to Dream,” an insider shared. “There’s no set day or times that Rob will take [care of] Dream. They haven’t fully figured it out yet, but they are working on it.”The source added, “So far co-parenting has been working fine. At this point, Rob sees Dream at least one or two times a week, but again there’s not a schedule set in stone yet.”

In any case, Rob is never alone with his little girl. Our insider says Dream has an infant medical caretaker who runs wherever with her, including the time she goes through with her father.

On their engagement, our insider noticed that it is entirely done.

“Chyna and Rob are certainly not together or engaged,” we’re told. “In fact, Chyna gave the engagement ring back to Rob when they broke up last month…Something caused them to have a blowout fight, and Chyna gave a ring back, and it was done. They officially are not engaged. There is no wedding.” Indeed, even with Rob’s 30th birthday coming up on Friday, “There are no plans for Chyna to celebrate Rob’s 30th birthday with him this weekend.”

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