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Khloe Kardashian’s pregnant, but the identity of the baby daddy has yet to be revealed


Khloe Kardashian, 31, and Odell Beckham Jr., 23, were only spotted together for the first time on

May 30, but could they already be expecting a baby together? A new report claims Khloe’s pregnant,

and the identity of the father has yet to be revealed, but Odell being the father is definitely a

possibility. Here’s what we know!

Odell would be happy for Khloe is she were expecting a baby. He knows a child is on her wish list

and he’d be a good friend and play uncle to her kid if and when she decides to have a family. As

for Odell, he’s not ready for a family. He’s too young, too focused on his career and doesn’t want to

be tied down like that. He’s in his prime and taking advantage of every opportunity, every

endorsement deal he can while he’s hot. A family is a beautiful thing, but Odell‘s not ready,” a source


Our source went on to say that whenever he’s sexually active, he always uses protection, so there’s

no way the alleged baby could be Odell’s.

So Odell’s now out of the equation, but French Montana, 31, James Harden, 26, and Lamar

Odom — all of whom she’s previously dated — are also contenders. Interestingly, the InTouchreport

also suggests Scott Disick as the potential father. And he hilariously reacted to the story by saying

“fingers crossed” on Instagram.

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