If Kim got pregnant for a THIRD time, she might not be so lucky!


Whether Kim Kardashian, 35, wants to give birth again or not, the reality star may not even have a choice in the matter! After all, according to Kim herself, doctors have advised her against a third pregnancy as she could face major health issues as a result. Pretty scary, right? Find out how Kim feels about her doctors’ warnings below!

“Doctors have said I might risk my health getting pregnant again,” Kim revealed to Peoplemagazine. And honestly, that’s not a huge surprise. After all, when pregnant with North West, 3, the social media giant was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which is pregnancy-related high blood pressure.

With Saint, who was born this past December, Kim experienced yet another high-risk pregnancy as she had placenta accreta, a serious pregnancy condition that occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. Yikes!

And so it looks like the third time will NOT be the charm, as doctors are seriously worried about Kim’s health while pregnant. But, although she does run some risks, the reality star ALSO dropped a major bombshell by saying, “But I could definitely have one more.”

Does that mean Kimye is officially trying for baby number three? Only time will tell! But it’s interesting to know that the possibility is NOT off the table. But honestly, we wouldn’t be too surprised either way. Because although Kim says she loves motherhood, she definitely does not feel the same about pregnancy. In fact, the whole maternity experience has never been pleasant for her.

“My feeling about pregnancy has not changed,” the reality star dished. “I think it’s the worst experience. I hate it.” Can’t get much more candid than that! Hmm, maybe a surrogate is in Kim’s future?

“I ask [North] all the time, ‘Would you want to have another sibling?’ She would torture them!” Kim jokingly added.



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