In the midst of a vicious divorce battle, a new report claims that Amber is pregnant


Is Amber Heard, 30, pregnant? A new report is saying that she is! And even more alarming, this news comes right on the heels of Amber not only filing for divorce from Johnny Depp, 52, but also claiming that Johnny continuously abused her — both emotionally AND physically! Looks like things cannot get any messier at this point.

“One minute they were supposedly in love, and the next they’re practically at war,” an insider revealed to Star magazine. “It’d be a terrible situation to bring a baby into.” And we could’t agree more! After all, Amber filed charges on May 27 claiming that Johnny repeatedly bruised and battered her.

But while bringing a baby into all of this is LESS than ideal, an inside source has alleged that it’s not out of the question — in fact, Amber could be pregnant right now! And on top of it all, the source claims that if these pregnancy whispers are true, Johnny would totally “flip out.”

Amber is already asking for a hefty divorce settlement, but, according to the source, “Amber would definitely fight tooth and nail to get full custody — and she’d be able to use the child to grab even more money in the divorce settlement. Johnny can expect things to get a whole lot worse.” Yikes!

Currently, since Amber and Johnny did not get a prenup before their magical 2015 wedding, Amber is entitled to half of Johnny’s $30 million earnings during their 15-month marriage. BUT, according to the insider, Johnny would likely offer her a $50 million settlement in order to get joint custody of their child AND if Amber agrees not to file charges against him.

Apparently Amber is not willing to drop any charges though. “Amber isn’t going to be satisfied with that,” the source dished. “Given all he’s put her through, she’s gunning for half of his $400 million fortune. She believes she should be heavily compensated for her pain and even more so with a baby on board.”

For those who need a refresher, Amber filed for divorce on May 23, which completely reportedly came as a complete shock to Johnny, who had just lost his beloved mothera few days earlier. Five days after Amber filed for divorce, she accused Johnny of domestic violence and asked for a restraining order.

Since then, there’s been lots of back-and-forth and he said/she said claims. Johnny’s friends and family have been quick to come to his defense, even claiming that Amber is simply blackmailing Johnny and making everything up. Talk about a sticky situation!

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