Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are on opposite sides of the political fence, can the two young moms possibly still be civil?


How can Chelsea Clinton, 36, still remain friends with Ivanka Trump, 34, after her father, Donald Trump, 70, has repeatedly branded Hillary Clinton, 68, a “liar” and “crooked”? If there already wasn’t bad blood over the name-calling, there had to be some tension after the former first-daughter  sat down for a panel July 26 and slammed Ivanka. She scolded the former model on her RNC speech where she highlighted her father’s plan for equal pay. On the panel, Chelsea was asked, if she had the chance to ask Ivanka a question on how her father would create equal pay, what would it be? She was quick to fire back with, “It would be that question: ‘How would your father do that.’”

Now, Chelsea is setting the record straight about the status of she and Ivanka’s relationship, and you’ll be surprised at what she has to say. In an interview with the Today Show July 27, Chelsea told Matt Lauer, 58, that she and Ivanka are “absolutely” friends, despite her feeling “disturbed” by the GOP convention. In fact, the former first daughter confidently said her mother is “not engaging in divisive, bigoted rhetoric.”

Although the two are friends, Chelsea did acknowledge their opposing thoughts that obviously cause strain on their relationship. “Clearly Ivanka and I have very different views on who we think should be our president and who would be best for the country,” she said. Chelsea also mentioned, “I don’t expect her [Ivanka] to always have to defend her father.”

Aside from her friendship status with the blonde business woman, Chelsea did express her feelings toward the Republican platform. When asked about her feelings on her mother being called “corrupt” among other things, she steered away from the question and focused on her concern about the things being said on behalf of the Republican party. “As a mom, what I found so disturbing were the things that were being said on a national stage, literally on the stage and off the stage, around the convention about women, about minorities, about Muslims, about immigrants.”

The mother-of-two, who welcomed her second child in June 2016, is set to introduce her mother on July 28, Night 4 of the DNC in Philadelphia, just as Ivanka did with her father. “I’m going to try really hard not to cry,” she admitted the coveted spot to welcome her mother. “I think my heart will burst. This election is so important to me because now I’m a mom.”
Be sure to tune into Night 4 of the 2016 DNC to witness Hillary Clinton become the first woman in U.S. history to formally accept a presidential nomination.

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