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Find out five things about Britain’s Possible 2nd Female Prime Minister

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The UK may have another female Prime Minister very soon! Theresa May, 59, was up against Andrea Leadsom for the position, but Andrea decided to drop out on July 11, making Theresa the lone candidate left in the race. As she prepares to take over Britain’s government, find out five things about Theresa!

1. She has full support from her former opponent.
Before withdrawing from the election, Andrea admitted that she did not have nearly the same amount of MPs backing her up, so she would’ve struggled to unite the party had she taken over the PM position. Andrea even declared that Theresa would make a better leader because of her popularity!

2. She has held a British government position for nearly 20 years.
Theresa assumed office as a member of Parliament for Maidenhead in 1997, being elected as the Conservative MP in the general election. She then served as the Shadow Secretary for several causes within Parliament, such as State for Education and State for Transport.

3. She has worked under the current Prime Minister since 2010.
David Cameron, Britain’s current PM, appointed Theresa as Home Secretary six years ago, also giving her the role of Minister for Women and Equality. She’s actually the longest serving Home Secretary the UK has seen in over 60 years!

4. She’ll be one stylish Prime Minister.
Theresa has become known for her eccentric fashion sense, often wearing fun shoes similar to the leopard print heels she wore during a speech in 2002. But don’t let her loud outfits fool you — she herself admits her political ways are not “showy.”

5. She’s 100 percent confident she’ll do a great job as Prime Minister.
Theresa apparently didn’t even need Andrea’s kind words to know that she’ll be a fabulous leader. When announcing her leadership bid on June 30, Theresa said, “My pitch is simple — I’m Theresa May and I think I’m the best person to lead this country.”

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