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Hillary Clinton lead over Donald Trump keeps on contracting, down to only 2 points


Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump is down to a measly two points, as indicated by one survey. Of likely voters, 47% said they plan to cast their votes for the Democrat, while 46% are supporting the GOP candidate, the new Washington Post-ABC News following survey appeared.
On Sunday, a similar survey demonstrated the former Secretary of State with an astounding 12-point lead over the New York representative. By Friday, her lead contracted to only four points.
The new survey — which was directed Monday through Thursday and discharged Saturday — does exclude any voter response from Friday’s declaration that the FBI will revive its probe into Clinton’s utilization of a private server for her emails.

Surveys shift broadly; some still show Clinton with a more generous lead over Trump. A Saturday IBD/TIPP Tracking survey reported that 45% of likely voters are supporting Clinton and 41% arrangement to vote for Trump.
However, others, for example, the Friday Rasmussen Reports demonstrated the nominees in a tie. Saturday’s LA Times/USC the following survey had Trump with a two-point lead over Clinton. The week of up down surveying comes as Trump keeps on demanding that the overviews are “rigged” against him.
“I have probably about it,” he told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Thursday when gotten some information about the likelihood of “fixed” surveys.
“I’m winning in certain polls and then in other polls, the dirty polls we call them, I was losing by numbers that were ridiculous,” he said. “I think we’re winning, but Bill, you look at some of these polls it’s ridiculous.”
Trump has claimed the election is “rigged” against him, as well. He has declined to say if he’ll accept the results.

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