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Hillary Clinton wins Dixville Notch midnight vote

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a fundraiser in Seattle, Washington, U.S., October 14, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Hillary Clinton 4, Donald Trump 2, Gary Johnson 1 – and a solitary write-in astonish Mitt Romney.

With eight inhabitants voting and five times the many journalists watching, Dixville Notch has talked.

On a bone-chilling night in the to a great extent overlooked locale about somewhere between the Maine and Canadian borders, the little northern New Hampshire town woke up for a few minutes of a kitschy equitable clash. This most recent round of small hours voting amplifies a convention that follows back more than a half-century.

With the results in from Dixville Notch, this hotly anticipated Election Day is officially underway, and beyond any doubt, as the Earth turns on its axis, the end of the 2016 presidential challenge appears to be impossibly closer.

The Granite State’s tight Senate race will enter Election Day halted, with Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan and Republican occupant Sen. Kelly Ayotte each Dixville indenting four votes.

Tuesday night’s outcome will gladden superstitious Clinton supporters. The town’s little accumulation of devoted voters has effectively picked the inevitable winner in three of the last four challenges. In 2000 and 2004 it broke for George W. Hedge and in 2008 it conveyed a triumph for Barack Obama.

It’s later results have been less prescient. Romney and Obama split ten votes in 2012, and John Kasich defeated Trump in the current year’s GOP essential kick-off.

Nearby Millsfield, which additionally voted at midnight, conveyed a significant win for Trump, who scored 16 votes to Clinton’s four. One voter wrote in Bernie Sanders, the New Hampshire Democratic essential winner. Meanwhile, Clinton revived to a tight triumph in Hart’s Location, outscoring Trump by a 17-14 margin, with Johnson increasing another three votes and two more voters volunteering Sanders.

With overnight in-person voting finished, Trump conveys a seven-vote lead over Clinton, 32-25.

Millsfield in 2016 is hoping to horn in on what has been a calling card for Dixville Notch since 1960, when John F. Kennedy shutout Richard Nixon, nine votes to nil. Hart’s Location, as well, has a custom here, one that follows back to 1948, when voting started at day break, and afterward a move to midnight in 1952. They quit in 1964, leaving Dixville Notch as the main hours-after-primetime player.

Wayne Urso, Millsfield’s ambitious election official, is wanting to dislodge Dixville Notch. He spent the morning speaking rubbish about his initial voting rivals.

“We have a population here,” Urso told CNN. “They may be registered to vote there (in Dixville Notch), but if you ask them where they live, you’ll find that nobody lives there.”

The Dixville Notch voting happens in the storied Ballot Room of the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, which has been shut to travelers for a long time as new proprietors work to patch up the once clamoring ski stop. Millsfield’s decision to go up against the troubled foundation was made, he said, during a post-essential skull session.

“We had a meeting of all the voters — because all the voters can probably fit in my living room,” Urso said. Asked if they wanted to continue midnight voting in the general election, “Everyone said, ‘Yeah.’ ”

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