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Law professors file misconduct complaint against Conway

kellyanne conway

A group of 15 law professors nationwide has supposedly documented an expert offense protest White House advocate Kellyanne Conway, saying she “brings shame upon the legal profession.”

The letter was documented with the workplace that handles wrongdoing by individuals from the Washington, D.C., bar, The Washington Post said Friday. Conway was conceded in 1995.

“We do not file this complaint lightly,” the group said in the filing, dated Monday. “We believe that at one time, Ms. Conway understood her ethical responsibilities as a lawyer and abided by them.”

“But she is currently acting in a way that brings shame upon the legal profession,” they included, refering to “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Conway is professedly recorded as a D.C. bar part under her last name by birth, Kellyanne E. Fitzpatrick, however the George Washington University Law School graduate is as of now a suspended part for not paying her dues.

The letter was sent to the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel, the central prosecutor for disciplinary matters that include dynamic or latent lawyers who are D.C. bar members.

Professors from law schools including Yale, Georgetown and Duke marked the letter, which refers to a few late contentions including Conway as proof.

One says Conway’s comments about a nonexistent “massacre” in Bowling Green, Ky., prior this month.

Another reference references Conway advancing stock related with President Trump’s little girl Ivanka amid a Fox News meet toward the beginning of February.

D.C. Disciplinary Counsel Wallace “Gene” Shipp Jr. told the Post his office can just examine around 400 to 500 of the approximately 1,500 grumblings it gets every year. He included the moves that can be made range from rejecting the protest to indicting the charges and possible disbarment.

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