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Sanders Brushes Off Clinton’s comments


Senator Bernie Sanders received on Wednesday the response of Hillary Clinton in her new book on the 2016 presidential decision, saying she is not interested in accepting responsibility for the issues in dispute.

“My reaction is that it is now just looking forward and not the other way around,” said Sanders.

“I’m working more time now to see that we’ve changed Trump’s DACA option, spent $ 15 an hour on the lowest statutory wage and in a week, I will be depositing a single Medicare Payer for all framework, “he said.

Sanders said he had to focus on administrative difficulties within his reach and not mock at what should be criticized for the surprising and discretionary gap of Clinton President Trump, the Democratic nominee, in November. “Our job is to move on,” he said.

Sanders made the remarks after going to the democratic press, reacting Tuesday in the Trump elections to end the DACA program that President Obama executed in 2012 to protect the extradition settlers who was illegally transferred to the United States. As young people.

In his next book entitled “What Happened,” Clinton blames Sanders for demanding “lasting damage” in his campaign during the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate she accepted, helping Trump win.

Clinton argues that Sanders laid the foundation for the attack on Trump’s Hillary Campaign by using “allusion and reproach to my character,” as detailed excerpts from his book indicate.

“Their aggressions have caused lasting damage, so it’s harder to get progressives together in the overall race,” said Sanders.

Clinton also blames Sanders for what she saw as replicating her thoughts, then super-gauging them to make themselves the most attractive liberal voters, portraying him as a serial promoter.

“We guarantee an incredible adventure foundation design or a new goal-oriented learning program for young people, then Bernie would emit virtually a similar, even bigger thing,” she said.

As he pushed these particular statements, Sanders replied, “I’ll let the people decide.”

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