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Stein sues in push to constrain hand recounts in Wisconsin


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein filed a lawsuit Monday after the Wisconsin Elections Commission declined to order that she asked for recount be completed by hand.

If Stein does not prevail in her Dane County Circuit Court claim, it will be up to the individual districts to choose how they will conduct the recount, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Wisconsin state law gives power to every county’s Board of Canvassers to choose how to handle a recount and which tallies to a number or not tally.

Stein’s ask for the recount to be completed by hand puts the Badger State’s Board of Canvassers up against a tight deadline, as government law requires that any describe be finished by Dec. 13.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Michael Haas told the Journal Sentinel a week ago that a describe by hand would require a request from a judge and will be a more extended process.

Stamp Thomsen, the Elections Commission executive, said he doesn’t question President-elect Donald Trump will win the describe.

Trump’s campaign hosts assembled the Green gets relate push “a scam.”

But Stein’s campaign demands the recount must be finished by hand and is set up to go to court ought to the Canvassers not have the capacity to achieve the Dec. 13 due date.

“We are confident the hand counting can be done by December 13,” Stein campaign manager David Cobb said in a statement provided to The Hill on Sunday. “If for some reason, WI needs more time to count the ballots, we are prepared to litigate this question in the courts to ensure a proper and full counting of all the votes.”

A representative for the Stein recount effort told on Sunday that “doing the recount by hand is the only way to ensure we have a reliable recount of the vote.”

Stein, who likewise petitioned for a relate in Pennsylvania on Monday, said a week ago that the describe a “non-partisan” exertion “to ensure that we can rely on the integrity and security of our votes.” Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s crusade has said it will take an interest in the relates ought to Stein finish on her promise to file.

Stein plans to file for a recount in Michigan, where the due date is Wednesday.

Democrats have commonly won Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in late races, yet Trump won each of the three on the way to his shocking miracle triumph on Election Day.

Stein conceded Monday that her crusade would not turn out as the victor as a result of the effort.

“My campaign is not going to win here, although we might get a more accurate recount of Green votes,” Stein said.

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