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Bella Hadid’s Polka Dot Gown Is So Sheer It’s Practically Naked

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Bella Hadid never neglects to amaze with her style decisions, and her most recent troupe is, well, quite mystical. Not exclusively does the Dior outfit resemble the naked dress Minnie Mouse would wear, it looks perfect from every angle.

1499173769-gettyimages-806580410 (1)

Going to the Christian Dior presentation dispatch at Musee Des Arts Decoratifs in Paris on Monday, Hadid’s stripped, sparkly, floor-length, spotted outfit was sheer flawlessness. As usual, the model made the outfit look easy, and her shades accentuated that feeling.


The exhibition celebrated 70 years of Dior, and Hadid’s outfit was splendidly at home at the dispatch occasion. Indeed, even her Dior embellished clothing, which was obvious through the outfit, looked astounding.

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