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Cara Delevingne’s New Hair Color Is the Coolest Cross Between Platinum and Silver


Cara Delevingne appears to be OK with eye-getting proclamation looks (for evidence, look no more distant than her popular temples). But as much as her eyebrows remain their famous selves, her hair’s seen a couple of more changes—and the white-hot silver look she appeared in Paris Saturday night is confirmation that she can pull off any shading she wants.

We’ve seen the model game a vaporous brownish throw; long, muddled rosy chestnut strands at BAFTA events; and ultra-relateable, straight-as-an-iron medium-cocoa hair. However, this is very surprising.


In the midst of Paris Fashion Week, Cara ventured out to uncover a bleach light sway that is so faded it’s practically silver, embellished by what’s without a doubt one of the coolest plaits we’ve found in a very long time. The search makes for a striking differentiation to her mark full, dim foreheads and is a next-level restless take—this is Cara, all things considered—on the drifting platinum shades and bobbed cuts stars like Katy Perry, Lucy Hale, Allison Williams, Nina Dobrev have been opting for recently.

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